Anterior Hip Replacement

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An anterior hip replacement performs the same purpose as a traditional hip replacement. Both are procedures used to replace the worn ends of the bones in the hip joint. The difference with the anterior hip replacement procedure from the traditional method is the technique used to reach the hip joint.

There are several different types of techniques used by surgeons in hip replacement surgery. A majority of them are performed “from the back,” also called the posterior approach. Some surgeons access the hip joint using one of two side approaches referred as lateral and anterolateral. These surgical methods access the hip joint by cutting through the middle of large muscles which can potentially cause increased pain, prolonged recovery, and impaired stability.

The anterior approach is considered a minimally invasive method and as a result, offers advantages typically associated with less invasive techniques. Few surgeons have the skill and expertise required for the anterior approach and Dr. Daniel C. Allison at his practice in Los Angeles is one of a handful of orthopedic surgeons using this hip replacement method. Along with performing the technically sophisticated procedure, Dr. Allison is also the designer of a one-of-a-kind patented anterior hip retractor system, has designed a femoral stem for minimally-invasive hip replacement, and is the author of three book chapters on the only definitive text on the anterior approach to hip replacement. It is Dr. Allison’s goal to help all surgeons to perform the anterior approach method of hip replacement. Call 310.600.7176 to learn more today.

Less Invasive Method

The greatest benefit with the anterior approach for patients is the use of a dissection plane, which pushes muscles and nerves aside avoiding the need to cut. The procedure is performed with the patient in the supine position, helping the surgeon to evaluate limb lengths. The less invasive technique minimizes postoperative precautions, avoids restrictions, and offers greater potential for regaining activity level.

Though the anterior hip replacement meets criteria as a minimally invasive method, the procedure does include resection of the entire hip joint combined with complete reconstruction. As such, anterior hip replacement is still a major surgery that should only be undertaken when all conservative treatments have failed.

Anterior Hip Replacement Can Provide Benefits for the Patient

Anterior hip surgery uses a minimal incision technique on the front of the hip, allowing the surgeon to move aside, not cut, the muscles. The result is less damage and trauma to the soft issues around the hip for quicker recovery time.

With less pain after surgery and no restrictive precautions, patients can quickly resume physical activity with the anterior hip method. Muscles remain intact, keeping them strong and better able to support the new hip joint and avoid dislocating the new hip joint prosthesis.

Though one study indicates a quicker earlier recovery with the anterior approach, the hip replacement is an excellent procedure when performed for the right indications, regardless of which approach may be used. Most patients return to their usual activities very quickly.

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Is the Anterior Approach Right for You?

Dr. Allison believes that any patient who is a candidate for hip replacement can be a candidate for the anterior approach. Certain deformities, bone defects, or previous posterior surgeries may make the posterior approach more optimal in some patients.

Leader in Anterior Hip Replacement Innovations

Dr. Allison is an acknowledged leader in the direct anterior approach to hip replacement. He is also the designer of a one-of-a-kind patented anterior hip retractor system, which aims to help all surgeons perform the anterior approach to hip replacement. He has designed a femoral stem for minimally-invasive hip replacement and is the author of three book chapters on the only definitive text on the anterior approach to hip replacement.

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Hip replacement surgery is a big decision, so you will need the best help possible. Dr. Daniel Allison is a renowned orthopedic reconstruction specialist who is the innovator of a minimally invasive hip replacement technique that offers excellent results and shortens recovery time. Call today at our practice in Los Angeles to schedule an appointment at 310.600.7176 to discuss if this procedure is right for you.

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