Benign Soft Tissue Tumors

Benign soft tissue tumor is more common than benign bone tumor and develop almost anywhere within or around muscles, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels. These tumors vary widely in how they look and behave and a few may even be aggressive in nature. Some benign tumors spread and invade nearby tissue, making it harder to completely remove them. The nature and variety of benign tumors require the attention of an expert in this field. The most qualified for this type of condition is an orthopedic oncologist in Los Angeles like Dr. Daniel C. Allison, who knows how to distinguish the difference between a deep-seated benign tumor and a lower grade cancer.

Dr. Allison has extensive experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal structures. This makes him exceptionally qualified in treating suspicious growths both benign and malignant. He provides exceptional care through advanced reconstructive joint surgery and arthroscopic procedures supported by a multi-disciplinary team of orthopedic experts. By calling (310) 730-8008, you can have access to Dr. Allison’s insight and cutting-edge care through a consultation in Los Angeles.

Benign Soft Tissue Tumor Symptoms and Diagnosis

Signs of a benign connective tissue tumor vary widely. If they are close to the surface of the body, they may appear as a lump. Some cause pain; others don’t. They vary widely in how they look as well. If you have pain or if the tumor grows, you should see a doctor.

Common benign soft tissue tumors include:

The majority of benign tumors are lipomas, tumors of the fat cells. Lipomas frequently occur just beneath the skin as a soft painless bulge and slowly grow over a period of time taking a few months to years.

Benign Soft Tissue Tumor: Diagnostic Methods

It is important to accurately identify the nature of the tumor and ascertain if it’s benign or malignant. Different and possibly more aggressive treatment could be needed depending on the type of tumor. A physician such as Dr. Allison whose specialty includes soft-tissue and bone tumors is best suited for an accurate diagnosis.

Several types of diagnostics are used in evaluating tumors including:

  • MRI – Locates soft tissue tumors to retrieve biopsy sample
  • Biopsy – Examines tissue sample under a microscope

These examinations will confirm whether the tumor is benign or malignant.

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benign soft tissue tumor surgeon in los angelesBenign Soft Tissue Tumor: Assess The Best Treatment

Most soft tissue tumors are made of fat (lipomas) and aren’t dangerous to the patient, but they should be monitored in case they grow and spread into surrounding tissue. At that time, surgery to remove the benign tumor could be required. You need a surgeon with specialized techniques to minimize risk to blood vessels, nerves, muscle, or bone. A surgeon like Dr. Allison in Los Angeles, an expert in soft tissue and musculoskeletal structures, is best suited for this kind of technically delicate surgery.

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