Ewing’s Sarcoma

Bone sarcoma treatment by Dr Allison in los angeles, caEwing’s sarcoma is rare occurring in and around the bones. While it can occur at any age, it is the second most common type of bone cancer diagnosed in children and adolescents, and the third most diagnosed bone cancer in adults accounting for about 8% of bone cancers for them. Ewing’s sarcoma can start in bones, tissues or organs, especially the pelvis, chest wall, legs or arms.

Ewing’s sarcoma can occur in any bone, but it frequently begins in the leg bones and hipbones, as well as the bones in the arms, chest, skull, and spine. This bone cancer rarely occurs in the soft tissues of the arms, legs, abdomen, chest, neck and head.

Many doctors have little experience with the disease because it is so rare. This makes selecting a renowned orthopedic oncologist like Los Angeles’s Dr. Daniel C. Allison a critical first step towards treatment. He is among the world’s most highly trained and experienced specialists treating Ewing’s and other cancers affecting musculoskeletal systems. A coordinated, multi-disciplinary team lead by a limb preservation specialist such as Dr. Allison offers the extensive resources of a sophisticated medical center and contributes towards a more favorable outcome.

Malignant Bone Tumors and Ewing’s Sarcoma

Ewing’s Family of Tumors – Ewing’s sarcoma grouped as a “family of tumors” and can develop either in soft tissue or bone depending on where tumor originally formed. Typically aggressive in behavior and common with individuals of European descent. All malignant bone tumors require treatment. The likelihood of treatment success increases when these tumors are diagnosed and treated early.

Symptoms and Risk Factors of Ewing’s Sarcoma

Many of the symptoms of Ewing’s sarcoma are similar to common, less serious medical conditions. However, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor for an examination so an accurate diagnosis can be formed. Dr. Allison’s expertise in orthopedic oncology equip him with a unique set of skills ideal for an accurate diagnosis.

The symptoms of this bone cancer typically vary from person to person, but often the first symptom is pain at the tumor site. The pain can be caused by tumor growth or a fractured bone weakened by the tumor. Pain can also worsen at night or physical exertion.

Other signs of this bone cancer include:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Weight Loss
  • Easily broken bones
  • Lump, swelling or tenderness at the tumor site
  • Numbness or paralysis of arms and legs if tumor near spine

Although the exact cause of Ewing’s sarcoma is not known, certain things seem to put people at higher risk of developing the disease such as:

  • Age: Higher incidence in teenagers
  • Race: Caucasin (non-Hispanic or Hispanic)
  • Gender: Higher incidence in males


ewing sarcoma treatment in los angeles, ca

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Accurate diagnosis of Ewing’s sarcoma is essential to successful treatment, and Dr. Allison uses the latest, most-sophisticated tests to pinpoint the type and extent of the cancer. He first performs an extensive medical history review, blood tests, and a physical. He also includes X-rays, MRI, and bone scans to aid in a thorough diagnosis.
A biopsy to remove bone or soft tissue is essential to accurately diagnose this bone cancer. This will determine if the tumor is cancer or another bone or soft tissue disease. It is also critical to have an orthopedic oncologist like Dr. Allison who is experienced with this bone cancer perform the biopsy.


The objective of all treatment is to completely remove the tumor and to kill any tumor cells that may have spread to other locations. This bone cancer often requires a multi-therapy approach, Dr. Allison has a comprehensive sarcoma team who joins him using the most up-to-date procedures and technologies. Depending on the case, a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy could be included in treatment.

Learn more about Ewing’s sarcoma from cancer.gov

Contact the Orthopedic Oncology Specialist

Dr. Daniel C. Allison has the specialized expertise of an orthopedic oncologist that is essential to diagnosis and treatment of this bone cancer. Dr. Allison is renowned for leading multi-disciplinary oncology teams supplemented by his extensive expertise in sarcoma diagnosis and treatment. He is the ideal physician to coordinate the type of integrated medical plan Ewing’s requires. Call today to schedule a personal consultation at (310) 730-8008 with a Los Angeles oncology doctor.

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