Why an Orthopedic Oncologist is Right for You

Best Orthopedic Procedures Dr. Allison Los Angeles DoctorYou might think orthopedics is a medical specialty reserved only for emergency situations. But that’s not always the case. For an orthopedic oncologist like Dr. Daniel C. Allison, there are numerous medical conditions best suited to a practitioner with his expertise.

Bone damage can occur for various reasons, such as a cancerous tumor, degenerative joint, arthritis, or complex fractures yet each has something in common; the need for a surgeon who is adept at bone and tissue preservation and restoration.

Orthopedic Excellence

Orthopedic oncologists with a skill set like Dr. Allison’s are unique as there are only a handful of surgeons in the country with this designation. In treating patients with musculoskeletal damage from cancerous tumors, he is adept at navigating through delicate bone and tissue to repair, preserve, and restore function.

Applying technical skills developed from treating bone cancer patients, Dr. Allison helps patients with degenerative bone conditions such as:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bone infections
  • Complex fractures
  • Soft tissue sarcomas
  • Joint replacements

His advanced orthopedic experience enables him to conduct complex procedures with ease in preserving infected bones, restoring joint mobility, and relieving painful symptoms.

Diagnostic Expertise

Dr. Allison’s experience equips him with the diagnostic ability to distinguish among tumors, infections, and bone disease to develop the most favorable treatment. With skill gained as an orthopedic oncologist, he repairs musculoskeletal damage from malignant and benign tumors, soft tissue sarcomas, and metastatic disease.

To learn more about orthopedic oncology, visit ncbi.gov.

Contact the Orthopedic Expert

Dr. Daniel C. Allison is an orthopedic oncologist making him uniquely qualified for numerous orthopedic procedures. He has substantial experience in treating complex fractures, bone reconstruction, and bone preservation. He is dedicated to providing exceptional care for his patients and optimal treatment outcome. Call today to schedule a personal consultation at 310-600-7176.

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