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Patients FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our new and existing patients often have questions about Dr. Allison’s practice. On this page, we’ve provided the responses to many of the questions we are often asked by new and current patients. If you require information that is not included in this section, please call us at (310) 730-8008 or ask us at the time you come to our office for an appointment.

We often recommend that patients prepare for their appointment with Dr. Allison by writing down questions to ask him when they come to our office. Many patients find this very helpful.

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How do I schedule an appointment with you and where do you see new patients?

You can call our West Los Angeles office at 310.683.4586. We meet with new patients at this office location:

444 S San Vicente Blvd #603

Dr. Allison has surgical privileges at several hospitals in Los Angeles, and depending on your location and whether your case requires surgery, arrangements are made for your procedure at the appropriate medical center. However, Dr. Allison generally performs surgery for his patients at Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Cancer Center located at:

8700 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Once you’ve had surgery, follow-up appointments are usually held at the hospital where Dr. Allison performed surgery. If you have any questions regarding where you should go for your appointment, please do not hesitate ask us.

If I’m in an accident and require immediate attention which office should I contact?

You can call our West Los Angeles office telephone number 310.683.4586, even in emergencies. If you call after hours or the call is urgent, you will be given an emergency number to call.

Explain the difference between an orthopedic surgeon and an orthopedic oncologist

An orthopedic surgeon is a medical doctor who is board-certified in orthopedics. An orthopedic oncologist, such as Dr. Allison is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with an additional specialty in oncology. There are only a few doctors in the country with this combined medical certification. The additional training and experience with this designation provides Dr. Allison with a depth and scope of expertise in musculoskeletal conditions that surpasses many specialists.

Can I schedule an appointment with you for a second opinion for my tumor diagnosis?

Dr. Allison’s expertise as an orthopedic oncologist uniquely qualifies him as a specialist in soft tissue and bone cancers, and many doctors refer their patients to him. There are very few surgeons in the country, like Dr. Allison, who have the depth of experience in treating tumors that affect musculoskeletal structures. He is often contacted for a second opinion, and many of these individuals select Dr. Allison for their surgery.

What documents should I bring to my first appointment?

Unless Dr. Allison is treating you in emergency circumstances or following an accident, we request first-time patients to provide the following medical and legal documentation and paperwork.

  • Identification – driver’s license or I.D. card
  • Health insurance identification card
  • Referral or HMO authorization (if appropriate)
  • Medical records such as copies of appointment notes, imaging films/CDs and written reports, operative reports and pathology results
  • List of prescribed medication and any OTC medicine

If it is possible, please send your medical records prior to your visit so Dr. Allison can review them before he meets with you.

Do you provide non-surgical services?

Dr. Allison will always advocate conservative treatment first in cases where this is feasible. Many of Dr. Allison’s patients are diagnosed as tumor, trauma, or degenerative arthritis cases, which often require surgery as treatment.

Can you help with chemotherapy or radiation treatment?

For malignant tumor cases requiring treatment other than surgery, Dr. Allison can refer patients to some of the best oncologists for chemotherapy and radiation. If complementary treatment, in addition to surgery, is needed, Dr. Allison will coordinate his services with your medical team.

Where do I go for rehabilitation therapy?

If rehabilitation is required following treatment, you will first get authorization from Dr. Allison for recovery plan then most likely you will receive a referral from him to an appropriate provider. Cedars-Sinai provides excellent rehabilitation services for orthopedic surgery patients, and Dr. Allison can refer you to the hospital’s facility depending upon your case, insurance, and convenience.

What is your procedure for filing insurance claims?

We receive your medical insurance information when Dr. Allison first meets with you. Depending upon your insurance coverage and your case, either our office will handle your medical claim filing or it will be processed by Cedars-Sinai.

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Dr. Daniel C. Allison has substantial experience in orthopedic procedures for complex fractures, bone reconstruction, and bone preservation. He is dedicated to providing exceptional care in treating complicated orthopedic conditions and bone soft tissue tumors. Call today to schedule a personal consultation at (310) 730-8008.

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