Los Angeles surgeon Dr. Allison has used his expertise in advanced musculoskeletal and joint disorders to help develop new surgical technology and treatment protocols to help deliver the most effective and successful outcomes in minimally invasive knee and hip arthroscopy procedures.

Recently, Dr. Allison was a member of the exclusive orthopedic surgeon design team comprised of expert revision knee surgeons to develop a new revision knee system for Exactech, a global developer, and manufacturer of orthopedic restoration products and has helped create oncology innovations that further the oncology field as a whole.

The new device will allow Dr. Allison in Beverly Hills and orthopedic surgery teams across the country to treat adult patients for the most common degenerative knee problems that often result in chronic pain, mobility problems, and permanent joint damage, including:

    • Osteoarthritis
    • Osteonecrosis
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Post-traumatic arthritis
    • Failed previous knee replacement surgery

Dr. Allison, Assistant Director of Orthopedic Oncology, Cedars-Sinai Sam Oschin Cancer Center in Los Angeles, worked alongside colleagues from several prestigious institutions across the country including St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, Hospital for Special Surgery, Stanford Medicine, and Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral (United Kingdom).

The Exactech revision knee surgery system includes a number of state-of-the-art features:

    • Comprehensive implant offering
    • Ergonomically designed instrumentation
    • Proprietary net compression molded polyethylene
    • Early stability and kinematics
    • Bone loss assessment capabilities

More About Exactech

The new system is the first of its kind and has already been put to use in successful trial surgery, with surgeons reporting patient discharge after two days. With the input of Dr. Allison and the surgeon design team, Exactech was able to develop a comfortable and intuitive device with a focus on accuracy and precision for complicated revision knee replacement surgery. Full market availability has been announced for the United States in 2016.

Dr. Allison is also a designated surgeon designer for a new minimally invasive femoral stem for total hip arthroplasty (hip replacement surgery) with the Ortho Development Corporation.

Learn more about the knee revision system at medlineplus.gov

Oncology Innovations:

Other Medical Device Innovations
  • System Designer, Anterior Hip Replacement Retractor: TeDan Surgical Innovations, Inc.
  • Surgeon Designer, Minimally Invasive Hip Arthroplasty Femoral Stem: Ortho Development Corp.
  • Surgeon Designer, Revision Total Knee Replacement System: Exactech, Inc.
  • Surgeons Advisory Board, Carbon Fiber Long Bone Fixation Devices: Carbo-Fix, Inc.
  • Regional Speaker, Anti-Infection Surgical Dressing: Convatec, Inc.

Surgeon Designer

More than ever, technological advancements and oncology innovations are helping to improve everything from surgical tools to how doctors treat cancer. Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of orthopedic surgery, where Dr. Allison has helped design several instrumentation systems to improve the fields of minimally invasive hip and knee arthroscopy. Working with a team of fellow orthopedic surgeons affiliated with the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States and internationally, Dr. Allison’s most recent surgical innovations include a minimally invasive femoral stem for hip replacement surgery (arthroplasty), and a revision total knee replacement system to help improve the outcomes for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint degeneration, and for the repair of previously unsuccessful knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Allison’s work with orthopedic surgery system developers and manufacturers like Exactech Inc. and the Ortho Development Corp have helped to bring minimally invasive orthopedic surgery to a global network of patients and helped to streamline the management and treatment of complicated musculoskeletal and joint conditions that may have once required traditional open surgery.

Minimally invasive arthroplasty of the hip and knee holds many benefits over traditional open surgery for patients, including:

    • Shorter hospital stays and less risk of complications
    • Smaller incisions and less blood loss
    • Shorter healing and recovery periods
    • Less time off work
    • Greater quality of life

By working with colleagues to design the next generation of orthopedic surgery systems, Dr. Allison has leveraged years of experience and expertise to help other surgeons access tools that offer greater flexibility, precision, accuracy, and control for the most effective and successful surgical outcomes.