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When me and my husband met Dr. Allison for the first time, I had come to him with late stage Avasculer Necrosis in BOTH hips, and a year waiting list to get them replaced. Dr. Allison expressed nothing less than compassion, empathy and a solution. He took the time to educate us on the surgical procedures needed to resolve my chronic pain, pain that can only be described as walking on two broken legs.

Within the year of 2014, Dr. Allison and his team performed three major surgeries to include having both hips replaced. It has been a year since my surgeries and I have zero pain. I have Dr. Allison to thank for that. Who knew I could walk five miles into the mountains last month when a year before I could not even walk to the bedroom with out a cane or a walker.

Thank you Dr. Allison and your staff at Cedars Sinai for giving me back my quality of life.

Jerome L., Van Nuys, CA

Total Hip Arthroplasty (Anterior Approach)

Warm, caring and sincere are a few of the words to describe Dr. Allison, a highly-skilled orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Allison performed a hip replacement for me. After 7 months I would say that I am 95% recovered and believe that I will be at 100% shortly. Thank you, Dr. Allison!
K.C., Los Angeles, CA

Hip replacement

Dr. Allison is excellent. He is the best doctor that I have ever met in my life. He changed my life completely. He made the best decisions for me. I have been feeling better ever since I received treatment with him. After seeing so many other doctors, he found out right away what was wrong with me and performed the procedure (complex total hip arthroplasty revision and periacetabular reconstruction). He is an excellent doctor. He has such a great attitude and is a very young and positive doctor. God bless him and his family.
Allen A., Northridge, CA

Complex total hip arthroplasty revision and periacetabular reconstruction

Dr. Allison gave me hope, when I had no hope. My initial impression was that he was so young, but knew what he was doing! I truly appreciate what he has done for me. God blessed me the day I found him. I was referred to Dr. Allison by three different doctors, all of whom initially wanted to remove my arm. Dr. Allison assured me that he would help me keep my arm. Going through the complex shoulder reconstruction procedure with Dr. Allison was been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. He is marvelous. He gave me so much faith and so much hope when I was experiencing excruciating pain. Today, I’m doing fine and feel no pain. Dr. Allison is an incredible person and doctor. I’m glad he is doing well and helping so many people that may have lost hope. God bless him.
Carmen F., Sherman Oaks, CA

Complex shoulder reconstruction

I was in a serious motorcycle accident in November 2012. I was rushed by ambulance to Cedar Sinai in critical condition with a small chance to live. As I was wheeled in into the operating room with an almost completely severed leg, and shoulder and unconscious, I was blessed to be seen and operated on, by Dr. Daniel Allison. After 6 major surgeries by Dr Allison and Dr. Vaishnev over a 1 year period, and a strenuous physical therapy schedule (3 days a week) not only am I up and walking again, but i have returned to a full life with a full gym schedule 4 days per week! I was asked by a nurse how I was lucky enough to get Dr. Allison as a surgeon? I was baffled by the question at first, but i now understand that my whole experience was nothing more than divine intervention by an amazing Dr!

I am quite convinced that if not for Dr. Allison’s absolute expertise and professionalism , I would not be here today. He totally saved my life as well as the quality of my life. His attitude seemed to be of someone that refused to lose! I cannot say enough about him or his genius and care. I am and will be forever in his debt. I strongly recommend his healing hands and genius if someone is in need. My case was so severe, i am quite sure their is no finer surgeon. Thank you so much Doc! You are the best!

D. Appleberry

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age nine and had three major joints replaced by 32. Last winter, after 15 years, familiar pains returned to my previously operated hip. After looking at x-rays, my orthopedist suspected complications and referred me with total confidence to Dr. Allison.

Dr. Allison said that I needed a hip revision and that most likely I also had an infection in the joint which, would require two surgeries, long term IV antibiotics and at least four months of no weight bearing. Additionally, I would need to discontinue all the medications that kept my joint inflammation under control. I would need to stop work and put my life on hold. How would I manage?

With the support of my family and fiancé I went into the surgery very optimistically. Unfortunately during my seven hours procedure an infection was confirmed. It would take several weeks, and close coordination with all the specialists before the type of infection was identified and the preferred treatment was determined. It was a very difficult time, however Dr. Allison was always there for my family and me. After two long months, it was time for me to have my second surgery. I was very worried about going into surgery again because I had been off of my arthritis medication for three months, my body was still recovering from my first surgery and I wondered whether the infection was still present. Dr. Allison assured me that the surgery would go well without making any promises he couldn’t keep.

Thankfully the surgery went well and the infection was no longer present. I continued with my IV antibiotics and was slowly able to reintroduce some of my arthritis medication. Dr. Allison closely followed my recovery working with my rheumatologist, infectious disease doctor and physical therapists. He advocated on my behalf for aggressive acute rehabilitation, which set my course for a more speedy recovery.

Although there were times when I thought Dr. Allison was unnecessarily conservative, he turned out to be right every step of the way. He is a brilliant surgeon who is able put aside his ego and be a true team player. His calm and caring demeanor, his infinite patience and his incredible expertise made me feel confident that when he devised his treatment strategy he considered who I was and not just what my charts showed.

It is now five months after the second surgery; yesterday I swam 30 laps, today I walked 2 1/2 miles. I am back at work and planning my wedding. I know that this was not my last surgery so I am incredibly grateful and optimistic knowing that Dr. Allison will keep his promise and take care of me. Thank you Dr. Allison.

Ariel G., Playa Del Ray, CA

Treatment of Complex Total Hip Arthroplasty Infection

Dr. Allison performed surgery on my son in December 2018, I have been taking my son to many other orthopedic surgeon doctors, but no doctor in California would take my son’s case because of the complication involved. Dr. Allison took care of my son like his own son. My whole family really appreciates his kindness and accepting my son’s case. I have never seen a doctor like Dr. Allison, He always likes to accept the challenge, Thank you very much for all your help and support.
Hitesh Kapadia

Dr. Allison performed surgery on my son in December 2018, I have been taking my son to many other orthopedic surgeon doctors, but no doctor in California would take my son’s case because of the complication involved. Dr. Allison took care of my son like his own son. My whole family really appreciates his kindness and accepting my son’s case. I have never seen a doctor like Dr. Allison, He always likes to accept the challenge, Thank you very much for all your help and support.
Hitesh Kapadia

There are no words to describe Dr. Allison’s professionalism and care for me. From the first appointment I had with him he let me know I had nothing to worry about, that he was going to be able to help me. You have no idea what those words meant to me and my husband. All I could do was cry because our prayers were being answered. Now our future is looking better and brighter.
Frances Mendex

If he can’t fix you then it probably can’t be done. Dedicated, honest and skilled.
Andrew Welch (Google Review)

Simply outstanding. Dr. Allison is the consummate professional and human being. Great listening skills and articulates his responses in a way that you can understand what he is saying. Top shelf care.
Cedars-Sinai Patient

On my 58th birthday I visited my local orthopedic doctor about a bump in my right calf. He immediately recommended that I see his good friend, Dr. Daniel Allison, who was an orthopedist who specialized in cancerous tumors. He said he would let Dr. Allison know that I would be calling. However, before my wife and I got out of the parking lot, Dr. Allison called me! I never had a doctor call me before! He made a way for me to see him immediately and after a few tests and a biopsy, confirmed that I had a cancerous sarcoma tumor in my leg. We quickly found out that Dr. Allison was considered one of the top doctors in the city who deals with sarcoma tumors and knew we were in good hands.

This small bump in my leg that I thought he would just “cut out”, turned into a ten month process that included chemotherapy, radiation and several surgeries. Though I was working with a team of doctors, Dr. Allison was my quarterback as he coordinated everything so seamlessly with the other doctors. He always made sure that he would only do surgery when the other team of doctors agreed that it was time to do so. It was many months before he could surgically remove the tumor but, when the time came, I knew that I was in the greatest hands.

His knowledge, experience, and gentle manner made me feel so comfortable and confident. The surgery was a complete success, even though he had to remove my calf muscle. Both during pre and post op, he always explained what I could expect, which always turned out right. He was great at providing clear information to me, as well as encouragement. Even after the surgery, he saw me every three months to “put his hands” on my leg to make sure everything was going well. Today I am completely recovered and live a more active life than I did before my cancer. My wife and I look forward to our visits with Dr. Allison because he is such a great person. He is a doctor who never makes you feel like he is too busy to spend the time you need. I highly recommend Dr. Allison to anyone who needs an outstanding surgeon, and especially one for sarcoma tumors.

Robert D., Glendale, CA

Surgical treatment of soft tissue sarcoma of the lower extremity

After being involved in a traumatic hit and run accident, I went to Dr. Allison. I was in so much pain that he had to perform a hip replacement surgery on me. I went to surgery on a Wednesday and left the hospital by Friday. I recovered so well that I was able to drive a car less than 10 days later. Since my surgery, my health and overall quality of life has improved. I’ve dropped 60 pounds and go to the gym regularly. Dr. Allison changed my life. He is an unbelievable surgeon and I would trust him over and over again to do any type of procedure on me. I know that going to see a surgeon brings many people anxiety, but not with Dr. Allison. I’ve never felt more comfortable with a doctor. I was in so much ease whenever I saw him and he made me feel happy and content about my situation. He is a great physician and an amazing surgeon. If anyone wants to speak with me in regards to Dr. Allison, I would be more than happy to share my experience. Thank you Dr. Allison!

Steven K., North Hollywood, CA

Complex total hip arthroplasty revision

We came to Dr. Allison in March of 2013 because my mom had three procedures from June of 2012 to November 2012. She was 72. The second procedure was to correct a fall four days after her first procedure, which was standard and many people have it with a high rate of success. The third procedure, done in November 2012, was to correct another fall that was devastating to my mom and the entire family. By the time March of 2013 came around, her wound had not yet fully healed and we knew something was inhibiting her from healing fully and getting back to a normal life. In March of 2013 we found Dr. Allison at Cedars Sinai through a recommendation and even though it was hard to get an appointment because he is such demand, we pushed through and eventually got her in ASAP.

Upon his first examination of her wound and where the previous surgeries took place, it was evident to him that he needed to operate very quickly and get her on the schedule. The first surgery was scheduled within a two week time frame. Upon completion of the first of what turned out to be three very long surgeries with smaller ones in between, for a total of about 6 or 7 in a six month time frame, he detected the root problem(s) and got to work on getting my mom on the healing path. Dr. Allison literally, saved my moms life. She had a very bad bone infection and he took her under his wing, and gave her very intricate and detailed instructions to get this turned around. My mom was very diligent to carry out his every instruction. To the minute. I have never seen my mom is so much anguish and distress but Dr. Allison handled my precious mom’s life with such care, compassion, confidence, etc. that she turned the corner and began her journey back to many more years with her children, grandchildren and friends.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Allison. He saved her life and continues to care for her. I am so eternally thankful for his gifting in Orthopedic Oncology & Advanced Reconstruction. He pulled out all the stops for my mother. I have never met him personally but have spoken on the phone with him a few times. But deep in my heart resides the greatest respect and admiration for a man who uses his time, talent and treasure to change and impact people’s lives for the better. Thank you is not adequate.

Victoria K.

Dr. Daniel Allison performed my right hip revision surgery in April 2015. Upon my initial consultation, he was careful to explore all medical possibilities before rendering a diagnosis. Once diagnosed that a hip revision was necessary, he explained the condition of my hip including sharing the x-rays so that I could visualize the areas of concern causing the pain, what treatment/surgery was necessary, and how he planned on approaching the surgery . The surgery was very successful – I was discharged after three days and provided home physical therapy. Family and friends could not believe how quickly I recovered. Dr. Allison is extremely knowledgeable in this specialty and I attribute my full and quick recovery to Dr. Allison’s excellent care.
Wayne N., Whittier, CA

Complex Total Hip Arthroplasty Revision

I had my first knee replacement surgery back in September 1, 2000​.​ Although the surgeon that performed the procedure did an amazing job, technology has changed dramatically in the last 15 years, and ​over the years​ my knee ​packed on ​a​ significant amount of damage​. This resulted in me having to go in for a second knee replacement surgery with Dr. Allison in June 2015.

Although normal knee revisions for maximum flexibility result in anywhere between 125 and 130 degrees flexibility, I went from 90 degrees flexibility at the beginning of my physical therapy treatment to 138 degrees flexibility only six months after the surgery with Dr. Allison. With the assistance of my physical therapy team and the effective procedure of Dr. Allison, I was able to achieve 138 degrees flexibility which is 8 degrees greater than anyone had ever accomplished according to the physical therapy clinic I was treated at. The positive results are a combined​, team​ effort ​between the work that Dr. Allison put in, my commitment to getting better and the physical therapist that ​rehabilitated me after the surgery. I never would have imagined that I would have this good of flexibility in such a short amount of time, and I could not be happier to have found Dr. Allison as my doctor.

What I love most about Dr. Allison is that he is super nice, cool, approachable and mellow​-​ not pretentious in any way. I look at him as more of a friend more than my doctor, not ​only ​because of his work, but because he​ is​ just​ such​ a good guy overall. I have a lot of respect for the way he works, his scheduling is right on and he is a great listener. He is one of the best doctors that I have ever had!​ I am enjoying the progress I’m making and the great results. I never would have dreamed that the surgery and my knee would have turned out this ​good​. ​ I feel like this is the best I’ve ever felt in 20 years. ​ Thank you, Dr. Allison!

Chris D., Beverly Hills, CA

Revision total knee arthroplasty

Dr. Allison took the time to listen to my concerns, assess all avenues of approach with my hip, provide various options, and then discuss what would be best for me and my family. He is extremely thorough and his team is wonderful to work with and made/make me feel very comfortable.
Jordan Irene Dullenkpf

Dr Allison is the best! He has helped me for the last 5 years and I’m so grateful to have him and to be his patient. I’m also a physician and greatly look up to him and his skillset – whatever I see him do, I try to do the same myself and copy him as well. I strive to be more like him every day in practice. I would recommend him to anyone and fly regularly from Miami to Los Angeles to see him.
Anna C, Miami, FL

Dr. Allison is an extremely talented surgeon and I can’t thank him enough for my total knee replacement. Besides that, he listens intently, makes what he says easy to understand and gives me all the time I needed with him. He’s compassionate, calming and empathetic. I can’t say enough about him and his team.
Cedars-Sinai Patient