Soft Tissue Coverage

soft tissue damage treatment in los angeles, caSignificant injury to soft tissue, or soft tissue damage, is usually sustained at the time of a complex fracture. Especially in cases of a high-energy trauma such as a car accident, greater potential exists for soft coverage damage with injury extending beyond fractured bones to damaged joints, ligaments, and tendons. If damaged connective tissue is not treated correctly at the same time as the fracture, the result could be loss of limb functionality.

The extensive damage with these types of injuries requires a surgeon who has substantial experience treating complex orthopedic cases. Los Angeles’s Dr. Daniel C. Allison has advanced expertise with musculoskeletal structures that have been damaged by severe trauma. He provides exceptional care through advanced reconstructive surgery and arthroscopic procedures supported by a multi-disciplinary team of orthopedic experts. Call (310) 730-8008 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Allison and learn what cutting edge procedures can put an end to your pain and physical limitations.

Soft Tissue Damage: Results of Trauma

Trauma cases that have sustained injuries to soft tissue including ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and tendons can be an added complication, but they require the same immediate care that a fracture demands. A connective or muscular injury could lead to complications such as an infection or loss of use if a diagnosis is made too late or not at all.

Dr. Allison’s experience with soft tissue damage from cancerous tumors and his knowledge of musculoskeletal systems ideally qualifies him to treat complex cases with soft coverage injury. When examining patients who’ve sustained severe connective tissue trauma, he evaluates muscles, nerves, and blood vessels searching for:

  • Foreign Material – remove dead muscle and skin
  • Vascular – check for serious arterial injury
  • Tendons – examine for evidence of tear or strain
  • Neurologic – evaluate for evidence nerve dysfunction or injury
  • Muscle – examine for muscle death

Soft tissue repair in trauma cases can be a major reconstructive challenge. This requires talented and effective collaboration between a skilled orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Allison and an interdisciplinary team to reconstruct and restore function.

Soft Tissue Damage: Evaluate Treatment Options

Complex injury requires immediate and cooperative treatment with an interdisciplinary approach. The goals of surgical management include:

  • Stabilization
  • Tissue debridement
  • Soft tissue reconstruction

Reconstruction could entail nerve and bone grafts and connective tissue, typically all of them performed in one unique surgery. From his experience in treating complex tumor cases, Dr. Allison is accustomed to unique conditions other specialists might find too challenging. In addition, he is exceptionally skilled at handling complex orthopedic conditions.

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Dr. Daniel C. Allison has the unique specialty of a Los Angeles orthopedic oncologist qualifying him to treat complex cases affecting musculoskeletal structures and limb preservation. Dr. Allison specializes in patients with traumatic injuries to the trunk, joints (elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle), and long bones. Together we can devise the best treatment option for you. Call today to schedule a personal consultation at (310) 730-8008.

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